On April 29, 2011, Paul Simmons Jr. died of a deadly disease called Hypertrophic Cardiomopathy, which is a genetic condition that causes the heart to become unusually thick and cause sudden collapse and death. This disease is the leading cause of death in young athletes.

Do You Have

Make an appointment with your health care provider to get tested and find out if you have this fatel disease that can lead to sudden death.

Our Mission

My name is Vera Angion. Paul Simmons Jr was my son. He was just beginning his life, when I lost him on April 29, 2011 at his senior lock in.  He was just like most 17 - 18 year old kids, really looking forwarded to senior prom and graduation.

He was also going to attend Spring Hill College in Alabama. He was ready for the world. His major was finance and business. His goal was to give scholarships to those less fortunate, who would like to attend a private school. 

Since my son is no longer here to do this,  I am trying to honor some of these wishes in his name. I know he would love for me to do that for him.

I  want to raise awareness on this heart disease, Hypertrophic Cardiomopathy. It took Paul's life. HCM can cause an ordinary healthy young person to collapse and die suddenly of an apparent heart attack. This disease is like a silent death. We need to make sure that  young athletes have an oppurtunity to have a complete physical, which should include  heart testing and an EKG. 

I wish I knew that my son had this disease.  He might still be with us if we could have had these tests. We set up the foundation in Paul's name to spread the word about HCM, and help save lives.  I loved my son and always will.  I miss him so much.